Tell us where to go!

Now everyone has a favourite vanilla slice, and since publishing this blog we have had a couple of suggestions: the first one is lurking in Maling Road Canterbury and the second suggestion will see us going to Chimmy’s in Richmond. So keep them coming and leave your suggestions below. We will also be including the annual professional prize winners of The Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumph in Ouyen.

No doubt we’ll need a cup of tea and a lie down from time to time, but we will endeavour to get onto them all.

Thanks for stopping by. Chow down!


107 Responses to “Tell us where to go!”

  1. How about trying
    1) French Lettue: 237 Nicholson Street, Carlton 3053
    2) San Sebastian: Hampton Street, Hampton and
    3) that bakery in Sorrento near the Continental Hotel (supposedly the best Vanilla Slice in Melbourne.. Victoria… The World?!?!)

    • Just Fine Foods- in Sorrento is hands down makes the most amazing vanilla slice I have ever had!!!1

    • A few months ago my partner and I discovered a vanilla slice that was a game-changer. We’ve since set out to find one that can top it but alas there have been no contenders. French Lettue on Nicholson St and Le Gormet Cakes on Brunswick St have been up there but THE best french vanilla slice can be found at Kuranga Native Nursery in Mt Evelyn – it is SERIOUSLY worth the trip out.

    • Tried this on Monday. $6.00 for a vanillia slice from French Lettuce . I personally didn’t like it . I prefer custard vanillia slice not cream, but it was the most expensive one I’ve purchased.

  2. Sort of related…”Bee Sting slices”
    Heathcote Bakery, on the right as you drive into town for their mindblowing “….mmmmm thin layers of butter cake filled with a thick layer of sweetened whipped cream and topped with honey-drenched almond slices
    Here is the German cake recipe

  3. Ruth clearly has this whole vanilla slice thing completely sussed out. San Sebastian in Hampton is a real winner. And a review of that one will hopefully not be far off once the entire crew can get together. Personally I’ve been sampling them weekly for about the last 2 months and the quality has been exceptional. And I’ve heard from a number of folk that Sorrento has to be very high on our list.

  4. The vanilla slices from the Wesley Hill Milk Bar near Castlemaine, Central Vic are simply the best !!! If you are travelling to Castelamine you must call in a try one. I have sampled the authentic, the passion fruit and the iced, all yummy.

  5. One that I really like and fits all your criteria, is Duchess Anne French Patisserie at 25 Bernard St, Cheltenham. They have a clever piece of internal puff pastry that helps it to be less messy, they taste great too.

  6. definitely try the one in Sorrento – first cafe on the left past the pub as you drive in from Blairgowrie……mmmmmm…..might head down there this weekend. Just a warning though, 1 will feed quite a few and you will definitely need a cup of strong black tea to cut through the sweetness adn then a good lie down!

  7. The slices at Glicks in St Kilda East are good in my opinion. They are HUGE too!

  8. Thanks all for stopping by!

    There’s a Glicks opening nearby soon, so shall venture in there. Next week we will review the Champion VS from Tatura Hot Bread Kitchen, and will endeavour to eat all suggested above. Cheers!

  9. There’s a cafe down on Glenferrie Rd that apparently sells ‘award-winning vanilla slices’ – just across the street from Browns and right next to Baker’s Delight. I’m not sure if they are exceptionally good, but they do fare quite well. I personally love vanilla slices, but the term ‘Millefeuille’ had me confused. I now realise that they’re pretty much the same thing and have come to learnt that many places do serve up this dessert (i.e. Brunettis, Grecos, etc) and would love to know how they fare as well.

  10. Ok this is unexpected…

    But i go to gisborne secondary college in victoria. This is just around the corner from bourkies bakery in woodend.. who won the vanilla slice competition 2 times, and i think that the snot blocks at my school are just as good! KEEP ON SNOT BLOKKIN!

    I also recommend
    1) Beechworth Bakery ( in bendigo )
    2) The Jolly Miller ( in gisborne, recently extended. )
    3) Bourkies Bakery in woodend.

  11. I know you’re fairly far away from here, but the Corner Bakery in Williamstown, SA does THE BEST vanilla slice in the world. So if you can ever get to the Barossa, definitely check them out.

  12. Try the Millefeuille at Cibo Bakehouse, 477 Glenferrie road Kooyong. They are ‘to die for’ !!!!!!!!! Yummo. Sandy

  13. Vanilla slice fan from Sydney. Haven’t as yet found the perfect VS in Sydney however every time we go down the south coast we can’t wait to get to the Milton Cake Shop (south end of Town). Milton is a few km’s north of Ulladulla, they also sell the Milton cakes at a shop on the main road in Ulladulla. Don’t know how they compare to your Victorian ones, haven’t had time to muck around with the “fork test” etc, but we think they are pretty good.

  14. How about a page on where to go in your area!! I want to know where I can get a slice of some vanilla custard cake yumminess in Portland, Oregon. YOu know of a place? =)

  15. Wonderful vanilla slices at Gusto in Camberwell junction – they do two variations – the classic, with icing, and the “French”, with icing sugar on the top. Both absolutely divine!

  16. Awesome, awesome blog.

    My 2 cents on vanilla slice can be found here:

  17. Which I see you have already linked to on your related articles page.

    My sincere apologies!

  18. L’opera Patisserie in Frankston on Shannon Mall has been making amazing French VAnille Slices for years and are popular with the locals, I highly recommend giving them a go. Yummy!

  19. You must try Williamsons Pies and Cakes on Chapel St, in Prahran. Their vanilla slice are too die for. Very generous serving size, and very reasonable price!!

    A must!

  20. Herzog a little jewish bakery in Kew on High st…. yummmmmm! The pastry is divine and the icing just right

  21. As an American, my opinion of vanilla slice probably does not rate with the locals, however, in my opinion, there is no better Vanilla slice in the world than what I found in Alice Springs than at the Sport Cafe on Todd Mall. They tell me a lady in town provides this awesome dessert. If there is anything better, it would have to be from heaven itself

    • Also an American opinion here… but I’ve been on a quest to recreate this exact alice springs vanilla slice since the last time I was in Alice Springs (Feb 2004). I believe the same slice can be found at Oscar’s on occasion as well as Casa Nostra (assuming both still exist). I found that even befriending a couple waitresses at Oscar’s did not get me the recipe 😦

  22. The Threeways cafe in Whitfield (about 240km NE of Melbourne) has a fantastic vanilla slice.. but I’m not sure of it’s origin. I don’t think she bakes them herself.

  23. JM Deli in Port Augusta SA certainly has the best Vanilla Slice that I’ve tasted – YUM!!

  24. i agree with sandy, the mille feuille at Cibo in Kooyong, are hard to beat. i’m no connoisseur but the new pastry chef only makes a few a day, and if you don’t get in, you don’t get any. i have tried several times and been too late, but their coffee’s great, along with stand in danish’s just as well.

  25. Lorne, Louttit Bay bakery. As well as all the bread products, the vanilla slice is To Die For. French Vanilla Slice is also very good, but you know the original and the best… it’s my favourite vanilla slice pastry yet.

  26. There is only one place in SA you should go for a vanilla slice and that is Muratti Cakes & Gateau on Prospect Rd (Prospect). Their vanilla slice is the best I have ever had … it completely changed my opinion on vanilla slices!!! I actually like them now.

  27. My friends and I are heading down to Sorrento this weekend (25th April), could anyone tell me the name of the bakery which does the Vanilla Slices.

  28. Brumbys Bakery Camberwell carpark (in Melbourne) … its a big serve with thick icing that you can chew on @ $3 a big slice

    after searching Melb late on Sunday arvo, my Vanilla Slice search came to a sliceless halt 😦 I went from Brumbys in Camberwell to Chadstone .. alas not a slice to be seen – yay for this blog … as I had wished that Vanilla Slices were available at night (as Brumbys closes at 5pmish … and yay now i know i can get them on Acland St!)

    For each Vanilla Slice review can contributors please include the price they paid 😀

  29. vanilla slices. what a blog! 🙂
    Coles has started making vanilla slices..for $2.90 a piece. Not too bad I must say…I’ve tasted some worse & more expensive ones.

  30. i have tried many of slices and i have to say the ultimate vanilla slice is in lancefield at lancefield bakery it has the best pasty and magnificent filling with that white yummo topping the slice is perfect and the price is great the service was amazing to get your self one today perfect lancefield bakery only 45 min from melbourne

    • melinda g i went to lancefield bakery to try the vanilla slice and you are spot on the flaky butter perfect pastry the fillling perfect the topoing white and thick magnificant i couldnt fault it 10 out of 10 why dont more know about this place all of you try it today this vanilla slice is the best ih macedon ranges.

  31. I think the best vanilla slices are at Ionskys Bakehouse in Malvern. A must try! Not for the faint hearted though,these are HUGE!( and only cost $3.50!)

  32. My suggestion is AVIV in Glenhuntly Road, Elsternwick. Just read through all posts to check if anyone else mentioned it but no – seems there are some wide ranging opinions on what makes a quality VS. AVIV do the french custard style VS with icing sugar on top. Definitely requires a plate and fork to fully savour. Good quality custard. I’m about to go check this San Sebastian one in Hampton to compare, I have resisted making the journey long enough. The Tatura and Beechworth VS’s look fabulous – like a perfect meeting of the creamy custard style with the iced top.. Great blog, love it!

  33. One more thing – just about the comments on price – I honestly feel that price is no object when we’re talking about the ultimate vanilla slice. The cost of driving across the city, state or country will likely be greater than that of the slice itself – a fact of no consequence in the pursuit of perfection..

  34. When in Cairns, try the delicious vanilla slices with cream atop, at the Stratford Deli on Stratford Parade, a real winner.


  36. Yep was going to write about Aviv but aNNa got there first!
    Very, very, very good!

  37. Truly value-for-money, there is a small bakery on Riversdale Rd in Camberwell (near the Junction) called Jenny’s Hot Bread, that sells beautiful vanilla slices, truly the best I’ve had, for only $2. 2 DOLLARS! And not small. Quite, quite large in fact. Give it a try!

  38. go to the wesley hill bakehouse/milkbar
    Wesley Hill Bakehouse
    (03) 5472 3785
    97 Duke St
    Castlemaine VIC 3450

  39. I stumbled across this site as I’ve been obsessed with vanilla slice ever since I had one from The Providore in Robe, South Australia. SO delicious and the creamiest filling ever. They are pricey at $7.50 but so worth it.

  40. Fergusson Plarre in the Queen Vic Markets does an incredible French Vanilla Slice. The pastry is lite and flaky, the custard is creamy not gelatanous and they have a delicious sticky icing on top. MMmmmmmm

  41. Has anyone experienced a good vanilla slice in Queensland? I’m studying in Brisbane for the year and starting the hunt.

    • Here is a Vanilla Slice map on Google Maps. Lots of us RV-ers use it.
      Cheers, Laurie

    • Miette’s Patisserie in Graceville Avenue, Graceville has unbelievable vanilla slices…..the best ever.

  42. sorry, forgot the Map link

  43. You should definitely head to Heather Dell, in Anderson Street, Yarravile! Creamy custard, flaky pastry….tastes delicious!

  44. The best vanilla slice I have EVER tasted was in a little cafe in Kilmore called Wallders. Completely home-made, including the custard. It was fantastic! Would give it a 9.5 out of 10. If you’re in the area, give it a try.

  45. Apparently the best vanilla slice is at the Bayswater Cake Kitchen. In fact, they boast about it, so I think it only fitting that it has a mention.
    I haven’t been there YET, but I will try them in the not too distant future. I too, am on the search for the best vanilla slice.
    Here is their website:

  46. I love my Gluten Free Slice.I have a great gluten Free Vanilla Slice recipe that I created for my Cook Book.Hoping to get a Gluten Free Bakery together here in Newcastle soon so everyone can have all the favorites without the stomach aches. Also I do gluten free catering for parties if anyone is interested. Happy eating Everyone

  47. The best vanilla slice is at Jurgens Swiss Bread on Toorak Road just down the road from the Warigal Road intersection. Lovely pastry and delicious custard.

  48. Has anyone else tried the bakery in the main street of Robinvale Victoria – the vanilla slices are to die for and they had a sign out ‘the best in Victoria’ and I believe them – tried and true.

  49. Sweet jesus I was going to say Aviv as well.

  50. Just had a weekend away at Mt. Buller. On the way through, stopped at Cafe 41 in Mansfield, near the supermarket, BEST vanilla slice I have tasted in a long time! Made on premise, and great coffee also! If heading to the snow, make sure to stop!

  51. We have a new contender. Last Friday ‘Sweet By Nature’ from West Heidelberg was crowned winner of The Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumph. I was lucky enough to sample the winning entry and can assure you it was excellent.

  52. Cafe 41 is indeed an impressive Vanilla Slice, however I find it overwhelming. If there can be too much of a good thing, they have achieved it. My personal favourite is Heiner’s Bakery Myrtleford

  53. Top Pies 285 Clarendon St Sth Melb would have to be the place to enjoy the smoothest and tastiest Vanilla Slice to be had they use a scratch recipe which has been used by the owner for over 30 years and is to die for

  54. What a wonderful blog — people after my own heart! You really do need to try the vanilla slices at Eaglehawk Hot Bake on the north-western corner of Bendigo. They also have a shop in the Bendigo CBD at the corner of Williamson and Queen Sts, just up the side street a bit from the historic Shamrock Hotel. They’re the best in town by far. IMHO, of course.

  55. La Tropezienne
    (03)9818 1895
    780 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn

    orgasmic is the only way I can describe the version of the vaniia slice….. “It’s a slice of heaven”

  56. I don’t know the name of it but go to the bakery in main street Trafalgar. Try a New Yorker. It will win hands down….

  57. Green Refectory on Sydney Road, Brunswick!

  58. The Caulfield Plaza Bakery on Dandenong Road, Malvern East, just next to Monash University Caulfield Campus. Step inside the plaza and you will be transported back to 1986 but don’t let that put you off. The bakery doesn’t even try and the get it perfect.

    Inject that crème pâtissière straight into my veins!

  59. Chill bar/cafe
    1651 point nepean road,
    Rosebud west
    Best vanilla slices ever
    They are to die for

  60. I live in Beaufort, near Ballarat, and from time to time a friend and I go for a drive to Willaura where the vanilla slices are to die for. The bakery in Willaure is pretty basic – but he makes things the old fashioned way and his bread, pies and cakes are worth the long drive. Unfortunately, Beaufort doesn’t have a nice bakery 😦 One day perhaps…

  61. Does anypone know where a great gluten free vanilla slice recipe is or can be found? Thankyou

  62. Room with roses in the arcade on queen street in Brisbane make the best vanilla slice I have ever tried!

  63. Partner and I believe our local bakery in the Churinga Shopping Centre, Mt Dandenong rd. Kilsyth, produces a very very special ‘Vanilla Slice’
    Have tasted many others over a large number of years, but these ‘take the cake’

  64. Well they have done it again !!! For the 3rd time Tatura Hotbread have taken out the prize for best Vanilla Slice at The Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumph. The event held on 2nd September 2011 proved Tatura produce a consistently high quality product and we congratulate them.

  65. the best vanilla slice, price’s bakery port rd, welland,
    the best meat pie, jb’s bakery, howson av, plympton

  66. Hudaks Bakery in Mildura. This was the first and actually started our V S quest. Icing is spot on, custard a nice fluffy texture with great vanilla content and pastry baked to perfection. Also considered was the polite service coupled with a bonus babe factor of the server. It was the high from this initial experience that has sent us in search of the ultimate.

  67. Great website. Plenty of useful information here. I’m sending it to several friends ans also sharing in delicious. And certainly, thanks for your effort!

  68. In Adelaide, you must try one of Swiss Glory’s vanilla slices. (but you have to choose from 3 different toppings, iced, fruit or ‘beesting’)

  69. I don’t eat vanilla slices very often, especially now that I live far away from my favourite French patisserie. The best vanilla slices by far are made by Le Croissant in Toorak Road, Burwood. Everything they make is absolutely delicious. They are to die for!!!

  70. Sharps Bakery at Birchip is the 2012 winner of the Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumph. Sharps have been consistent place getters in this competition and it is the second time they have taken out first place. Congratulations to them and I can personally recommend them as I have tried them a few time now and each time they were fabulous

  71. Hands down, the vanilla slice @ Annabelle’s bakery in Albert Park is the closest thing to heaven. Deliciously light and won’t leave you feeling so heavy in the guts afterwards (ie: sorrento) And no dusty icing sugar to dry you out – proper icing, they way they all should be…. IMHO 🙂
    Definitely worth checking out. Had 4 this week, eek! haha – too good

  72. I’m over the moon!

    A vanilla slice club!

    My dream is answered!

    My choice for best “snotty” is AVIV in Elsternwick.

    Anyone interested in a “snotty-athon” one Saturday around Melbourne?

    I am starting a small group of friends to start our journey


  73. Sorry guys but the best Vanilla Slice in the country can be found at the Husky Bakery at Huskisson in what can only e described as the most beautiful place on the East Coast of Australia.

  74. Gladysdale Bakehouse in Yarra Junction, Victoria. They are REAL award winning Vanilla Slices!

  75. I found the best Vanilla Slice in the world made at Peaked Pies in Whistler , check it out ,it is better than Mansfield , way better than Sorrento and has the best custard and the very special icing -this definetely raised the snot block bar!

  76. At a cafe in Alice Springs Todd Mall near the Tavern. Rosie’s Vanilla slice. I haven’t eaten a vanilla slice for 20 years or more and I couldn’t resist this one. It was devine and I cannot stop thinking about it,so much so, that 5 days after eating it I find myself sitting at Ayers Rock airport trolling the internet for the recipe. No luck though. But I have found this site (and many more) with an abundance of sorry souls looking for the holy grail of vanilla slices. I have found mine in Rosie’s. Come on Donna Hay replicate it PLEASE….

  77. As an avid cake fanatic, I highly recommend the vanilla slices made at the Richmond Pie Shop in Richmond, Melbourne, VIC.
    The vanilla custard is so lucious, like sweet addictive clouds and the crust that they use is unusually crispy that works extremely well with textures.
    Definitely worth the hunt down…drooling thinking about it again!

  78. Best vanilla slice ever at the elmore bakery on the way up to echuca. Had to stop to get another one on the way home.

  79. Had a awesome Vanilla Slice at Salzano Deli, Doncaster Rd, Nth Balwyn. It’s a French style slice, with fresh custard cream and handmade Puff Pastry. They are a bit pricey, but huge, and well worth the effort to try!

  80. Had the best vanilla slice (French style) from the sour dough bakery in Surrey Hills. Second best was from bakery in Sale.

  81. The Elmore Bakery’s Vanilla slice is to die for crisp pastry creamy custard and well priced.

  82. I have taken a lot of inspiration from this blog. I too enjoy tasting my way around the country in search of these goodies. I have actually created a bucket list from people’s suggestions above. Not to be in competition with this excellent and very beautifully worded blog, I decided to start documenting my experiences too. My top rated slices to date are: Gustos in Stathmore, Tatura Hot Bread, The Green Refectory in Brunswick, Kenny’s Bakery in Lonsdale Street, Just Fine Foods in Sorrento and of course Bourkies Bakeshouse. I recently found out they now do a mocha vanilla slice too which I am keen to try. Feel free to visit my blog and make comments / suggestions. Well done guys and kind regards. Byron.

    • You really need to try Fairfield boathouse cafe on Heidelberg road, the perfect setting for a freshly made vanilla slice.

  83. Becky, you may have already gotten your answer, but in Sorrento it’s “Just Fine Food” who won the prize for the best Vanilla Slice in 2013 or 14. Yummy

  84. I’d just like to say that “Just Fine Foods” in Sorrento are getting credit where credit is not due. I find it appalling that they are receiving so much love for their vanilla slice. On visiting a few months ago with high expectations I was thoroughly disappointed. Their vanilla slice could have been mistaken for custard, there was absolutely no hint of vanilla flavour. Defiantly the most boring and overpriced pastry I have ever bought.

  85. riddells creek bakery takes me back to when a vanilla slice was a vanilla slice the best by far

  86. The best vanilla slice i have ever had was from the Kilkoy bakery in Queensland. Second favorite is from the bakery in Nagambie Victoria

  87. Try the vanilla slices at Bisettos on the hill in High St Northcote

  88. Many commercial vanilla slices use Bakels custard mix but for a purely scratch made vanilla slice, generous serves and resonablle prices is the Wandin Bakery.. If you are lucky occasionally they make a chocolate version that is just as addictive.

  89. Fairfield boathouse cafe have tha best vanilla slices, $8.50 , however the portion is huge and served with a dollop of freshly whipped cream. A definite must try

  90. the little book of custard squares on facebook is a good blog

    • Kiama Downs NSW Recently opened small bakery at Kiama Downs 2533 on NSW South Coast close to home. V slices way up there in presentation, taste and well priced. Also great location close to beach, licensed and open for light meals. PS the rhubarb crumble and pies are also a must. I have tried vs’ every time I travel and with my friend Brad we are good judges.

  91. Derby st hot bread bakery in pascoe vale victoria. Crisp flaky pastry, creamy custard that doesn’t squish all over the place when you bite down and just a light dusting of sugar on top. Simple. Delicious. All vanilla slice lovers must try this. Tha best I’ve ever had, and I’ve been eating them around australia for 50 years. A big YUM YUM YUM!

  92. Have you tried PIE_S @ Jacaranda Street, East Ipswich Qld.
    They have the traditional Aussie “snot block” and the French Vanilla as well. They use different custard for either but use their own Puff Pastry

  93. […] […]

  94. For somewhere in the southwest of Victoria (in between Port Fairy and Portland) the Bay of Whales Gallery and Coffee Shop in Narrawong is quickly becoming known for it’s delicious vanilla slices. Only open a couple of months, this coffee shop sells more vanilla slice each weekend than all the other cakes it sells combined.

  95. Best Vanilla Slice is hands down in Mernda at Turners Bakery 🙂

  96. I’m from South Australia but every time i am anywhete near the Kilkoy bakery in Qld i get myself at least two. They are amazing

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