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To extend your drooling enjoyment we’ve posted backlinks to extra morsels here, taken from blogs and online articles as they arise.

Vanilla Slices

Apologies to the Que on Birchip Bakery, Vic.

Tummy Rumbles on Just Fine Foods Delicatessen, Sorrento, Vic.

Melbourne Desserts on French Lettuce, Carlton, Vic.

Foodaholic on Napoleon, Milles Feuilles and Vanilla Slice

Vanilla Slice Events

Australian Traveller on the Great Australian Vanilla Slice championships in Ouyen

The Great Outdoors visit Tatura, back to back winners of the National Championships. Includes a vodcast.

Cutting the custard – what is a Vanilla Slice?

Wikipedia on Vanilla Slice, Mille Feuilles, Milhojas, Francia krémes and Cream Slice

Thanh’s recipe. Bake a cheat version with custard powder from the Australian Women’s Weekly cookbook

Bill Granger’s proper recipe. No short cuts here – 12 egg yolks and two vanilla pods – passionfruit icing and the pastry recipe too

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