About The Custard Crusaders

The word had got about that there were custard cowboys roaming the bakeries of Australia, coralling in their glass fronted display cases the creamiest of confections, the mythical perfect vanilla slice. After exchanging epic tales of the custard sandwiched pastry treat in far away places, The Custard Crusaders set about to sample and rate as many of the sweet delicacies as possible. This is their journey, the quest for perfection.

For as long as the ever expanding girth will allow, Stickyfingers will photograph and record the details of the Vanilla Slice tastings and average the scores – as decided by the five Custard Crusaders’ – on this blog.  We hope you enjoy our site.


8 Responses to “About The Custard Crusaders”

  1. I’m still thoroughly disgusted that having travelled for goodness knows how far to get there that Maldon failed us by declaring that they only have them available on a Thursday! What a cheek, don’t they know who we are? We are the Custard Crusaders.

  2. The world will get around my friend and cowboy bakers will tremble at our approach!

  3. great site! =) I’ll be sure to keep a watch on it as my boy is an avid vanilla slice consumer =)
    got a great french vanilla slice, try the one at Chimmy’s bakery on bridge road.. they also do the Convent Bakery at Abbotsford Convent. cheap too.. only $3 or $3.50 but really nice..!

  4. hi i was wondering for a recipe on the custrad slicen with strawberry icing?

  5. ok the best vanilla slice is not at Woodend Bakery cafe but across the road at Bourkies Bakehouse in Woodend they are the one that has won The great vanilla slice competion a couple of times and sell tray loads a day come in you wont be dissappointed……

  6. You must try Freshwater Creek bakery in Fresh water Creek, beautiful soft puff pastry and a passion fruit icing to die for, sometimes I do find the custard a tad to rich but it is still pretty good!

  7. The search for the creme de la creme of VANILLA SLICES has not faltered amongst other seekers, even in the provinces. We have found that, away from the busy rush and nervous haste of the main cities, where the myriad pastry cooks compete jealously with each other, there is a quiet and calm in the provinces that is most conducive to the creation of specialty pastries. Quality is a time-honored thing, and appraisal is immediate and sure in a proper country bakery. Rejection is polite but swift. There can be no nonsense. Generations have become devoted to the product, and no impostor stands a chance. This, surprisingly, is no impediment to change, as long as change is for the better and in the spirit of the country pastrycook’s tradition. Thus a fuffy French Vanilla slice, pastry lightly dusted with icing and holding in balance the perfect colour, flavour and texture of custard, has made inroads into the traditional pastry shop and will sit confidently beside the old ozzie standby of slightly gelatinous and rubbery custard sandwiched between slabs of pastry and topped with a pink or white icing. Clearly something for everyone – unpretentious.
    We feel that in many ways the VANILLA SLICE is a benchmark of a good pastry shop and we have sampled them from near and far. One of the BEST is to be found at The King, in Sturt Street , Ballarat. where VietnameseTranh and his wife labour through the late hours of each night to provide, amongst the many other delights and standbys, a most admirable French Vanilla slice. One of the WORST, left rejected on the plate uneaten, a soggy-pastried berry-flavoured custard disaster which we sampled in the Ainslie shopping centre in Canberra recently is to be totally avoided. Pretenders need not apply.
    Coming back from Broken Hill recently, we quite by chance found ourselves hungry in Ouyen, and thus were introduced to the most fabulous of ozzie style vanilla slices. We intend to further our studies, whilst exercising vigorously so that we can maintain the momentum of our appraisals, and shall keep you updated with some in-depth analysis as we go along. A trip to South Australia is planned next month and another to Western Australia. Should be a goodie in Kalgoorlie………….
    Paula and Les

  8. Hi,
    What is your criteria for judging a vanilla slice? No, I’m not a shop, but a father who has a competition with his daughter to find quality vanilla slices on our travels. Some leave me very cold and are sickly sweet but sometimes I come across one that I’d go back for. I like your little hearts rating.

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