Delbake, Bentleigh

“Our family hasn’t stopped baking since 1852” read the sticker on the pack…and boy must they be tired! Their slices definitely were. This Victorian era pastry arrived with a wet top of melted icing sugar crowning it like the cap of a sweaty old cook, while a layer of damp pastry strayed from under the crown like a mad woman’s blouse. The custard had a pleasant eggy flavour highlighted by vanilla essence, but the copious amount of cornflour used made it firm to the point that it became a menacingly bulging muffin top when the fork hit the impenetrable pastry. It then bounced back into shape. This Vanilla Slice posed a conundrum: the fatty tasting pastry could not be eaten with a fork and the custard could not be eaten without one. Had this graced the parlour at tea time, Her Majesty would not have been amused.

¦ Icing ♥♥½¦ Pastry ¦ Custard ♥♥♥½¦ Degree of difficulty ♥♥¦ 10/20

 Delbake  478 Centre Road, Bentleigh, Victoria. Australia.


~ by Polly Math on February 4, 2008.

5 Responses to “Delbake, Bentleigh”

  1. please send me the receipe for this i will be so so so so gratefull

  2. Shamz, we don’t bake them, we just sample them seeking perfection. However Thanh from ‘I eat therefor I am’ has recently made one from the famous Australian Women’s Weekly Recipe book. Check out his blog for the story.

  3. Well I have to admit that I totally disagree with you!!!! I just had a beautiful vanilla slice at Delbake in Clayton and loved it. The custard was magnificent and the pastry was tasty and not hard. Maybe a trip to France will get me a better vanilla slice ahaha.

  4. Maggie, Perhaps Delbake have lifted their game since the Custard Crusaders visited and reviewed it? As you can see from the photo, ours was not an ideal specimen, which leads us to think that sometimes feedback can yield better results in the long run. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. We went to the Bentleigh store and had a lovely vanilla slice, an exquisite passionfruit tart and coffee. The custard was just right and the pastry crisp, but not hard. You must go back and taste the flavour of the passionfruit custard. I think you will change your mind!!!

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