Old Western Hot Bread Shop, Mordialloc

There was a standoff at The Old Western Hot Bread Shop. POW! Stickyfingers, facing four other Custard Crusaders – cake fork held loosely at the hip – was shot down, but took the scores with her as she fell. This old style vanilla slice is one which rekindles memories of Australian childhood treats. For Stickyfingers, the Patissier pedant, the pastry was tough and raw on one side, not flaky. When the top came off in one piece on contact with a fork, showering the plate with sugar and completely dismembering the unit, the band stopped playing. The custard with a gelatinous and gluey mouth-feel, seemed as awkward as an entrance by Calamity Jane. But for the others this was a perfectly acceptable example of a vanilla slice – like a rosy trip down memory lane, to a place where tumbleweeds now roll across the horizon, it was a hands down winner.

¦ Icing ♥♥♥½¦ Pastry ♥½ ¦ Custard ♥♥♥½ ¦ Degree of difficulty ♥♥♥½¦ 13/20

Old Western Hot Bread Shop 75 Warren Rd, Mordiallic, Vic. Australia. Ph +613 9587 1952


~ by Polly Math on December 9, 2007.

One Response to “Old Western Hot Bread Shop, Mordialloc”

  1. I still haven’t been to Hampton and this one doesn’t tempt me as I’ve had nasty experiences with food in Mordialloc.

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