Modern Day Bakery, Daylesford

In a provincial Spa Town, two bakeries vie for trade. One is saucy looking, like a French maid bending over a tray of delicacies. The other is large and frumpy, like a mustachioed great aunt, whose house has been furnished with Bingo prizes. The frumpy matron, deceptively named Modern Day Bakery, offered two Vanilla Slices: Passionfruit (with seeds) and French Vanilla. We chose to rate the latter for consistency, but the icing on the former was excellent in flavour and texture. The Custard was a revelation, the best so far – thick, sweet and eggy, yellow from bright fresh yolks and sliceable with a fork. The thicker than average pastry was slightly savoury, balancing the flavours. It held the lot together when consumed with the hands and the thick layer of icing sugar complemented the satisfied patron with a rakish white mustache. No bells and whistles required, for this is a traditional Aussie Vanilla Slice.

¦ Icing ♥♥♥♥¦ Pastry ♥♥♥½ ¦ Custard ♥♥♥♥½ ¦ Degree of difficulty ♥♥♥♥¦ 17/20

ModernDay Bakery  69 Vincent Street, Daylesford, Vic.Australia. Ph +613 5348 2714



~ by Polly Math on November 23, 2007.

6 Responses to “Modern Day Bakery, Daylesford”

  1. Mmm. I *love* vanilla slices. I miss not being able to get them over here. Sigh.

  2. Hello Sticky

    I navigated my way here via the pie appreciation site, and was astounded to meet this site of fellow travellers! I agree that a good vanilla slice is a jewel beyond price. Have you ever experienced the vanilla slices at the Leslie Vale bakery (near Hobart?) Well worth a detour!


  3. Thanks Susannah and welcome. We’ll certainly be sure to try those slices next time we are in Tassie. One of the Custard Crusaders visits Tassie from time to time as part of a contingent of Hawthorn AFL fans, so we will request that he bring some back with him.
    Cheers! Stickyfingers aka Custardcrazy

  4. I actually work there, and invite you to return and try it again. i think you’ll find that since your visit the flavor has improved somewhat. Our french vanilla is much smoother and lighter now.

  5. French maid bending over a tray of delicacies? What? In Daylesford? Where?

  6. I have made this vanilla slice and it doesn’t use eggs – it was so simple yet so authentic – if you want the recipe – contact me through my website – for around $4 for a 12 inch by 12 inch bulk quantity – mmm sensational – great writing by the way, and Daylesford rocks!!

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